sleep helps memoryThe MIT Fluid Interfaces Group is revolutionizing sleep and cognition with a brand new app! This cutting-edge technology allows users to monitor their sleep patterns, as well as track their cognitive performance. With the help of this app, users can gain insights into how they are sleeping, enabling them to make informed decisions about how to improve their rest.

Additionally, the app provides personalized recommendations for improving cognition, such as activities that boost mental acuity or suggestions on reducing distractions while studying.

With the use of this innovative app, you can take control over your own wellbeing. Imagine being able to influence your own sleep quality and cognitive performances instead of relying on external forces. The MIT Fluid Interfaces Group is making that dream a reality by testing an app that can help people get better rest and optimize mental capacity.

This revolutionary technology has the potential to be life-changing for many individuals who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders. By understanding more about their own sleep habits, users can learn ways to reduce stress and anxiety levels before bedtime, resulting in improved overall health – both mentally and physically. Similarly, gaining insight into one’s cognitive performance helps identify areas of improvement which can be addressed through specific activities or other lifestyle changes.

How does the app work? Interestingly, it makes use  of the motion sensors in your phone to detect when you are in deep sleep and then play soft pulses of white noise.

An MIT Fluid Interfaces Group team member also comments that the app is using a custom algorithm which is designed only to work with phones/accelerometer data when asked if a participant can just use a google home device that is already tracking when they are asleep.

The same team member was asked about the benefits of this app vs. a high quality white noise machine? Their response? “White noise machines can reduce sleep interruptions but they don’t (directly) increase delta waves, which is the goal of this experiment. The important part is actually not that it uses white noise, but that it gives *bursts* of white noise at about once a second, when your brain is in a state conducive to deep sleep.”

With the help of the MIT Fluid Interfaces Group’s app, you might be able to maximize your sleep quality and cognitive performance. Sign up here and check out this thread on the Nootropics subreddit as well as an overview on MIT’s website.

Studies in sleep labs: playing soft pulses of white noise can improve memory and enhance the restorative functions of sleep

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Do you want to improve your memory and get a better night’s sleep? Studies conducted in sleep labs show that playing soft pulses of white noise can help you do both!

White noise is low-level sound, like the hum of an air conditioner or the static from a television. It helps mask other distracting noises such as traffic outside or snoring from a partner. In addition to helping people sleep better, research suggests that it can enhance some of the restorative functions of sleep.

In one study, researchers had participants listen to either white noise or silence while sleeping and tested their memory recall when they woke up. Those who listened to white noise demonstrated significantly higher levels of accuracy in recalling information than those who slept without any background sound. This suggests that certain frequencies of white noise may have beneficial effects on memory consolidation during sleep.

The same study also revealed that participants who listened to white noise reported feeling more rested after waking up than those who did not. The researchers suggested this was due to the calming effect of the soundwave patterns, which helped reduce stress levels and promote deeper sleep cycles throughout the night.

So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your memory and get better quality sleep each night, consider trying out some soothing white noise before bedtime.

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